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LANGTU Magnetic Levitating Luna Galaxy Floating 3D Printing LED Wireless Charging Moon Night Lamp Light Mixing Colors

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LANGTU Magnetic Levitating Luna Galaxy Floating Moon Lamp 3D Printing LED Night Light 5.5 Inches Bulb & Square Base Wireless Charging Lamp for Office, Home, Room Decor, Colorful Bulb, Walnut Base

★==LEVITATING MOON LAMP==Magnetic magical floating moon lamp, floating in the air, supported by patented silent magnetic levitation technology base, rotate 360℃ without any noise during rotation,easy to install and maintain. Let the moon fly in your daily life.

★==LATEST UNIQUE GALAXY ON THE MOON DESIGN==The newest galaxy moon design is not only based on the NASA data, which makes the lamp's surface look exactly like the real moon's, but the design also uses hand-painting to make the surface look bright and colorful. When turned on, it will show the magical and gorgeous colors of the starry sky and the Milky Way as the angle of view changes.

★==BRING ANTIGRAVITY LEVITATION TO YOUR TABLE==This Levitating luna adopt magnetic levitation technique, suspended and spinning automatically once you plug in the power, it will light in 3 colors (dim, white, yellow) when you touch the power button on the right bottom corner.

★==3D PRINTING MOON LIGHT==3D printing technology helps us to come true the dream to hold the moon in sleeping. This moon night light surface is precisely printed by high resolution astronomical data, feeling the surface texture like the real moon.

★==WIRELESS CHARGING==There is no power cable for the moon lamp since the magnetic levitating moon light is finished in one piece with circuits inside, no harm to the eye and it can be left on all the time, if you use it 12 hours a day, you can use it about 11 years. By the way, no way to remove the plate, the LEDs are powered from magnetic bases field. And this 3D printing moon night light is in extremely low power consumption compared with traditional lamp lights controlled by the touch button.

★==HIGH-TECH AND DECORATIVE==This magic magnetic levitation moon light is suitable for decorating gardens, tables, bookshelves, dining tables, living rooms, main halls, especially the bedroom. It works quiet and steady, helps to enjoy comfortable stylish life.This suspension moon helps us to fall in sleep faster and more quiet, suitable for people of all ages, everyone will like it.

★==ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION MATERIAL==The levitating base is made of environmentally-friendly ABS engineering material-walnut tree trunk, which is environmentally friendly, safe and resistant to falling. Put it next to the bed,it won’t overheat , which is harmless to the human body.

LANGTU Magnetic Levitating Luna Galaxy Floating 3D Printing LED Wireless Charging Moon Night Lamp Light Mixing Colors

Material - the material used for 3d printed moon lamp is very impressive as it is in high quality and the real wooden base enhances the feel.

Set up - The set up for the levitating moon light is very easy and the light coming from the moon is very attractive.It has 3 optical light by touch the power button to make the light color changed. It is a 3D printing product, so please don't try changing the inner light color by yourself.

Operation - It is wireless charging for the moon light, plug it on, the moon starts rotating, the moon light keeps rotating slowly and feel like real moon, you can touch the power button on/off to adjust the light color, if you unplug it, the moon light will go out and stop to rotate.

Unique Lighting - Slowly spins at a consistent speed, completely silent, when touch the on/off button, the light will be on and off and every time the light color will be changed accordingly.

Perfect Gift - Great gift for lover, friends, parents, kids at Christmas, birthday, holidays, wedding, anniversary and business, etc. You can place it in a kid's room, in office or anywhere you want.

Attention - It is normal that the wood base will warm since electronics would be heated up after continuous operation. The levitating moon lamp works in low voltage, so it is safe after long term tested.

Meaningful concept - The moon is very symbolic in Chinese culture. It is a symbol of beauty, creating a beautiful aesthetic conception. At the same time, the moon is also the carrier of human feeling. It entrusts love between lovers and expresses people's nostalgia to their hometown, relatives and friends. The moon hanging high in the sky has also aroused people’s philosophical thinking. The moon has become an eternal symbol, so it is really a very cool concept to bring the moon lamp to our life and let it fly in our daily life.


Bulb Color: Galaxy

Base Color: Walnut

Bulb Diameter: 5.5 inches

Base Dimensions: 5.28*5.28*1.1 inches

Suspension Distance: 0.06 inches

Colors of Light: 3

Item Weight: 2.6 pounds

Package Weight: 3.3 pounds

Package Dimensions: 8.66*8.66*6.89 inches

Bulb Material: ‎ABS+PLA

Base Material: ‎Wood

Power Source: ‎Corded electric

Switch Style: Touch

Type of Bulb: ‎LED

How To Levitate Your Moon Lamp?

1. Place the moon lamp and base on a flat, nonmetallic surface. Plug the AC Adapter and another end DC power insert the base.

2. Start from a height about 6 inches above the base. Carefully lower the moon with both hands directly over the center of the base, keeping it level until you feel the upward magnetic force supporting the weight of the moon.

3. When you feel the magnetic force supporting the weight of the moon, gently let go keeping it centered and level. If it falls , simply lift the moon and try it again.If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try ,try it again.

4. Finally touch the POWER sign on the base to turn on/off your levitating moon lamp.

🌘 Meet The Galaxy Moon Lamp, a meticulously crafted beauty designed using high-quality NASA satellite images.

🌘 Our state-of-the-art technology guarantees ultra-realistic design accuracy. Each and every lamp takes an incredible 26 hours to 3D print & is done individually.

🌘 rechargeable battery keeps the magic going for up to 10 hours straight (with only an hour of charging time). You can use your lamp plugged in or on the move!

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